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Northwest Passage, Missing Light

Date Posted: Jun 06, 2017

The light on this important marker was not functional in February, 2017. However, the marker was visible during the day and provided a strong radar return. Due to the narrowness of the Northwest Passage use caution when transiting the area, especially at night, staying on the recommended route or just to the north of the route.

Source: User

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South Andros: Lisbon Cr., Driggs Hill entrance, nav aids relit

Date Posted: May 25, 2016

(RBDF MAY 25th, 2016) The Aids to Navigation Section of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force wishes to advise mariners that the Entrance Lights and Range Lights in the harbour at Driggs Hill, South Andros, have been serviced and relit.

Any discrepancies with this or any navigational aid should be reported to the Royal Bahamas Defence Force at telephone number 362-3091, 362-4436 or by e-mail at


Richard Pratt
Royal Bahamas Defence Force

Source: RBDF Notice to Mariners

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CAUTION: Underwater security cable

Date Posted: May 12, 2016

Vessels are advised when navigating the marina entrance near the fuel station to exercise caution. An underwater security Cable marked by Caution signage and floating visible buoys has been installed to restrict entrance to only the usual deep water channel that is 150’ wide.  Security Cameras and Flood lighting has also been installed.

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Bimini to Northwest Channel, aids to navigation inoperative

Date Posted: Oct 11, 2015

For those planning a passage across the banks from Bimini to the Northwest Channel, lights are no longer present, only the Northwest Channel Light remains. At the time of our crossing the Northwest Channel Channel light was operational. The information that I have is that these lights were removed about 2+ years ago and have not been replaced. We could not raise either of these two lights when we made our crossing 2 years ago.

This information is for those crossing from the Biminis to Chub Cay, Morgan's Bluff or Nassau – the typical route taken to the Exumas by most cruisers. – Rudy and Jill on Briney Bug.

Ed Note: Thanks, Rudy & Jill. I've received confirmations from contacts in the Bahamas that Russell Shoal Beacon was completely removed years ago, and Mackie Shoal Beacon is currently a pole with no light.

Most cruisers cross the Grand Bahama Banks at night, so unlit markers can be a hazard – please plot your course accordingly, and don't expect any to be lit.

Source: Visual observation

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Abaco, Marsh Harbour, hazard to navigation

Date Posted: Nov 16, 2014

The outer marked to Abaco Beach Boat Harbour Marina is missing. But the rocks are still there. So give that area a wide berth to the South

Bob Williams
Elegant 1

Source: On site report

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Entrance to Green Turtle Club, Green Turtle Club Cay, Bahamas

Date Posted: Feb 05, 2014

The Club has announced completed dredging to 7 ft. On 5 February, 2014 we took my 65 ft MY with 5 ft draft into channel 12 " before low tide. Exactly between # 1 & 2 (Red/ Green) with 35 feet of 65 ft inside channel we hit a rock or coral on Starboard side. This is magnificent location and I had been in 5 times before without incident. Go in at high tide.

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