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Fernandina Beach, Amelia River, shoaling

Date Posted: Sep 11, 2016

AIWW Mile: 718.0

Grounded with loss of portside prop & shaft about ninety minutes after high tide (about 13:30 on Sunday, 9/4/16 at N30.309.104, W81.29.089) on the Amelia River south of Fernandina Beach. The location is approximately 300 meters north of Temporary Red #2. Depth was less than three feet. While awaiting tow I observed an outboard powered boat grounded in the same area ninety minutes after my incident. With outboard trimmed up the second boat blew off a fountain of sand. The outboard boat apparently cleared the sandbar and avoided significant damage. Advise all mariners transiting this area to favor green side of Amelia River between markers #1 to #3.

Source: On scene report

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New Marker, Amelia River

Date Posted: Jun 19, 2017

AIWW Mile: 718.0

Amelia River marker added . I passed through this area on 3/1/17. In response to USCG request for comments regarding establishing a permanent marker #2 in place of the old temporary #2, the USCG has established a permanent red marker near green #3. The USCG placed a temporary marker near the location of my grounding back in September 2016. I did not note the current numbering of the new temporary red marker or the new permanent red markers. Happy to see the USCG responding to our comments.

Source: User

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South Amelia River, Shoaling

Date Posted: May 13, 2015

AIWW Mile: 727.0

Found bottom (?) unexpectedly in South Amelia River just south of daymark R-42. Charted depth in the area 7-12', we draw 3.5'. (Yes, it was a spring tide low.)

Created a waypoint (30*33'.128/081*28'.093) after the bump. We were about 100' west of the magenta line.

Two days later on the return trip we encountered a maneuvering Kady Krogen (5' draft) that had found bottom literally right at the waypoint. 

Also, as we approached, observed depth indication rapidly decreasing. When the sounder hit 5.5', we rerouted a couple of hundred feet east of the magenta line and found closer to the charted depths. 

The Waterway Guide Southern Edition addresses this spot and correctly suggests "...favor east" (pg 88) – we hadn't. This spot will cause issues for other boaters if the advice is not adhered to. I personally know two vessels that found that to be the case!

Ed Note: In summer 2017 this condition still existed.

Source: Cruising Contributor

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CAUTION: Shoal depths

Date Posted: May 23, 2016

AIWW Mile: 730.0

Favor the deep natural channel along the west (red) side of the ICW when rounding the bend marked by flashing green “49” and “49A.” Sawpit Creek and Gunnison Cut lead to Sisters Creek and the St. Johns River crossing. In the spring of 2016, our cruising editor reported 3-foot depths on the green side of the channel at mean low water, so staying to the red side is highly recommended.

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FL: Sawpit Creek, aid to navigation missing

Date Posted: Aug 03, 2017

AIWW Mile: 731.0

Sawpit Creek Daybeacon 50 (LLNR 38195) is destroyed. The wreckage is marked with a TRLB displaying Fl Q R characteristics in position 30-30-01.960N / 081-28-03.402W. Mariners are advised to exercise caution while transiting the area.

Source: CG 7th District LNM 07312017

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FL Intracoastal, Sisters Creek and Gunnison Cut, shoaling

Date Posted: May 03, 2017

AIWW Mile: 735.5

Shoaling has been reported between Gunnison Cut Light 72 (LLNR 38265) 30-26-57.881N, 081-26-53.346W and Sisters Creek Light 75 (LLNR 38305) 30-26-18.540N, 081-27-14.400W. Estimated depth was 5.5ft at mean lower low tide. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area.

Source: CG 7th District LNM 07182017

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FL: Intracoastal Waterway junction with St Johns River, Pablo Creek, shoaling

Date Posted: Feb 23, 2017

AIWW Mile: 740.0

The Captain of the Port Jacksonville advises all mariners transiting in vicinity of Pablo Creek and Mile Point on the Intracoastal Waterway, that a shoal is forming on the northeast side of Pablo Creek. The shoal extends from east of Pablo Creek temporary Lighted Buoy 5 (LLNR 38360) to southeast of Pablo Creek Temporary Buoy 7 (LLNR 38370) and encroaching to the south and west of Pablo Creek. Minimum depths of 7 ½ feet
are recorded in this area. Mariners transiting this portion of Pablo Creek with draft concerns are advised to navigate with caution while passing through this area.

Source: CG 7th District LNM 07082017

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Channel Report - Charted Shoal, watch your course

Date Posted: Jun 29, 2015

AIWW Mile: 776.0

There is a shoal that is bare at low tide south and west of flashing green “57A” at Mile 776 that catches many unwary transient boaters each year. Favor the green side of the channel between flashing green “57A and “59” and be sure to honor red buoy “60” to starboard when heading south.

Source: Bud Lloyd, Waterway Guide Cruising Editor

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FL: Crescent Beach Bridge, single leaf operation, reduced vertical clearance

Date Posted: Aug 23, 2017

AIWW Mile: 788.6

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) requested a temporary deviation from the operating schedule and a vertical clearance reduction that governs the Crescent Beach Bridge (SR 206), Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (Matanzas River), mile 788.6, St. Augustine, Florida. The bridge is a double leaf bascule bridge with a 20 foot vertical clearance in the closed position.

The deviation period is from 7 a.m. on August 17, 2017 to 4 p.m. on November 30, 2017. During this period, the bridge is allowed single leaf operations on a twice an hour schedule and with a two hour notice for a double leaf opening with a two foot reduction in the vertical clearance on the closed position. From 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, the bridge will open on the hour and half hour. The vertical clearance will be reduced to 18 feet for the duration of the deviation period.

Vessels able to pass through the bridge in the closed position may do so at anytime. The bridge will be able to open for emergencies and there is no immediate alternate route for vessels to pass. The Coast Guard will also inform the users of the waterways through our Local and Broadcast Notices to Mariners of the change in operating schedule and vertical clearance for the bridge so that vessel operators can arrange their transits to minimize any impact caused by the temporary deviation.

In accordance with 33 CFR 117.35(e), the drawbridge must return to its regular operating schedule immediately at the end of the effective period of this temporary deviation. This deviation from the operating regulations is authorized under 33 CFR 117.35.

Source: Federal Register 8/23/17

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Fort Matanzas Anchorage - shoaling at entrance

Date Posted: Dec 29, 2015

AIWW Mile: 792.0

A shoal has built up on the north end of Rattlesnake Island. To enter the anchorage from the Intracoastal turn between markers 80A and 80B and stay close to the north shore. Use extra caution at low tide.

Source: On scene reports

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